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About Fomo Inu

Fomo Inu is a meme-inspired cryptocurrency that aims to provide a unique and innovative solution to the cryptocurrency market. It is designed to be a utility token that powers the meme coin community on our launchpad platform.

Innovative Features:
Our platform offers innovative features such as vote-to-earn, stake-to-earn and play-to-earn, providing a unique and rewarding investment experience for our users.
We prioritize community input and feedback, ensuring that our platform reflects the needs and desires of our users.
FomoInu provides a decentralized governance mechanism that allows token holders to vote on important decisions related to the project.






The Fomo Inu platform is a decentralized launchpad for meme coin projects, powered by the Fomo Inu utility coin. providing a fun and engaging experience for community members. The platform aims to support the growth and development of the meme coin community by providing a fair and transparent launchpad for new projects. With the Fomo Inu platform, investors and developers can come together to create and promote the next big meme coin.


Fomo Inu Launchpad is a platform that allows developers to launch their tokens and raise funds in a decentralised manner.


Innovative feature on our platform that allows users to earn rewards by participating in community voting for new projects to be listed on our Launchpad.


Stake to earn is a feature on the platform that allows users to stake their Fomo Inu tokens to earn rewards in a new project coin.


Play-to-earn is a gaming feature on the platform where players can earn cryptocurrency rewards by playing games.


Our presale offers 50% of the FOMOINU token supply to the community. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that a majority of our tokens are in the hands of our community members, This will allow for a more decentralized and fair distribution of tokens.


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Fomo Inu
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Ethereum (ERC20)

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Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our website, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is Fomo Inu?

FOMOINU is a utility meme coin that powers the entire meme coin community on our launchpad platform.

How can I buy Fomo Inu coins?

You can buy Fomo Inu coins through UNISWAP or using cryptocurrency exchange MEXC. Please refer to our “Home” section for more information.

How can I earn rewards on the FOMOINU platform?

You can earn rewards through our innovative features such as vote-to-earn, stake-to-earn, and play-to-earn. Please refer to our “How it Works” section on white-paper for more information.

How is Fomo Inu different from other meme coins?

FOMO INU is the first utility meme coin that offers a range of innovative features such as vote-to-earn, stake-to-earn, and play-to-earn. It also powers the entire meme coin community on our launchpad platform.

When will i recieve Fomo Inu token?

If you have participated in the Fomo Inu presale, you will receive your tokens after you buy Fomo Inu tokens.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for above, please feel free to contact us via our email, [email protected]